Tenant participation

COVID-19 UPDATE: we are currently holding Tenant Participation business meetings online. If you would like to know more about how to get involved from home contact CLDCarnoustie@angus.gov.uk.

We want our tenants to have the opportunity to contribute to and influence decisions about housing policies, housing conditions and other housing related services. 

To achieve this, we want to talk to tenants and hear their views and ensure that we are delivering a service which meets their needs and expectations.

Our Tenant Participation Strategy sets out how we plan to work in partnership with our tenants.

Our annual customer report card tells you how we are performing.

We also have a Tenant Led Service Review programme. This is an active form of tenant participation where tenants plan and carry out a review of a particular housing service or policy.

This gives tenants the opportunity to work alongside our staff to learn about and review the service and produce recommendations for improvement whilst potentially gaining new skills along the way.

To find out more email TenantParticipation@angus.gov.uk.