Housing solutions for older people

Even if you are happy living where you are now, it is good to start thinking about what you might need from your home in the future.

Planning ahead for your future housing needs is best done alongside other planning such as making a will, setting up a Power of Attorney and financial planning.

What you want and need from your home will be personal to you. Your options will depend on your financial situation, where your friends and family live, the care and support you need now or may need in the future and the housing options available in the area where you want to live.

Age Scotland have recently published a guide to housing options for older people in Scotland. The wide-ranging advice available to those accessing its website, fact sheets and helpline, will help older people and their families and carers to make informed decisions about the issues that matter to them.

The main housing options available across Angus are:

Aspect My assessment Points to consider
  OK now Change in a few years Change now  
Location of the House        
Size of the house, or layout of the rooms      

Look for areas that have the sort of houses you will need. 

Check out options for improving what you have.
Upkeep       Can you get help with this?
Garden - easy to manage? Too big? Not big enough?       Gardening clubs may know people who can help you find someone to take on a big garden, or let you work in an allotment or someone else's garden.
Keeping warm, cost of fuel.       Grants to improve fuel efficiency. Visit our save energy in the home page for more information.
Easy to keep in touch with friends.        
Looking after yourself       Talk to your GP and the council, check what support is available. For more information visit our get care and support for an adult page.

Access to good services


      If a service like your GP or support at home is important, you might want to stay in the area they cover.
Your priorities        
Your priorities        

Supported housing is provided in partnership between Angus Council and Angus Health and Social Care Partnership.

Staff are located on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support older people and people with severe and long-term health problems to maintain their independence and lead healthy and fulfilling lives within their own homes and communities.

There are currently three supported housing complexes specifically designed for older people in Angus:

If you would like to find out more or apply for supported housing you can:

  • contact your care manager, if you have one
  • Visit the Homefinder website to complete an application for housing or contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778