Section 75 and affordable housing contributions

Angus LDP Policy TC3 Affordable Housing seeks to secure the delivery of 25% affordable housing on all residential sites of 10 or more units, or where the site area is equal to or exceeds 0.5ha.

When the team responsible for affordable housing receive planning consultations, these are considered in conjunction with housing demand, and particular needs for the relevant areas. Developers should take cognisance of the information relating to the affordable housing contributions which will be noted on the planning consultation response. The information will contain details of the officer to contact for further information, and to discuss how the affordable housing requirement can be met.

Developers are encouraged to make contact with the officer responsible for affordable housing at an early stage of planning developments.

To address both current and future need, at least 20% of new affordable housing supply will be delivered to meet particular needs, with at least half (that is, 10% of new supply) to full wheelchair standard. This target is an overall target and individual sites may deliver more or less than 20%. Specialist housing delivered to contribute towards this target may include amenity, supported housing and other models as appropriate.

Housing demand can change over time, and there can be years between the planning consultation, signing a Section 75 and actually starting on site. Therefore the specific detail of the affordable housing contribution is not detailed within the Section 75, but is specified within the delivery package. The delivery package needs to reflect housing demand and if required any associated grant funding. A delivery package can be changed but any change must be agreed by all parties. The delivery package must be finalised before a development starts on site. Contact the officer responsible for affordable housing on if you have any doubts/queries.