Local housing strategy 2023 to 2028

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 places a legal requirement on all local authorities to produce a Local Housing Strategy (LHS) which should be kept under review.

The LHS sets out Angus Council’s approach for the delivery of housing and related services over the period 2023-28. It sets out the evidence base to help present the local housing challenges, and contains the plans, priorities and commitments that will help us all work together to overcome those challenges.

Our LHS is an all-tenure strategy that contains six priorities to address local housing and related needs. Within the main LHS you will find a brief explanation of the priorities and the action the Council, partners, and local communities will take to achieve each objective. At the end of the LHS you will find our Delivery Plan which provides more detail as to what action will be taken, by whom, the current position, and the intended outcome.

If you have any questions about the LHS, please contact the Housing Strategy team via email - HousingStrategy@angus.gov.uk

Throughout the LHS we have referenced where you can find further detail on each housing topic. The appendices (1 to 12) include the housing evidence papers along with further information on how we engaged and consulted throughout the development of the LHS, as well as equality impact assessments.


Appendix 1: Key Achievements LHS 2017-22

Appendix 2: National & Local Context

Appendix 3: Housing Delivery 2023-2028

Appendix 4: Placemaking and Communities

Appendix 5: Preventing and Addressing Homelessness

Appendix 6: Specialist Housing & Independent Living

Appendix 7: Fuel Poverty, Energy Efficiency, House Conditions & Climate Change

Appendix 8: Equality Impact Assessment

Appendix 9: Consultation Report

Appendix 10: Governance & Reporting

Appendix 11: Housing Contribution Statement 2023-26 

Appendix 12: Angus HNDA Report (2022)