Housing Access Fund

If you urgently need housing, but don't have the money for a deposit for a private rental we can help.

If you meet our conditions, we can pay the deposit to the landlord on your behalf.

Information for applicants

The Angus Housing Access Fund aims to help people in Angus, who urgently need housing, to move into privately rented accommodation. 

Providing they meet certain conditions, the council can assist them by paying a cash deposit to a landlord on their behalf.

Who can apply?

We will consider applications from people in work or in receipt of benefits. Acceptance on to the scheme is subject to affordability checks and tenancy referencing (tenancy history, rent arrears), and we will need to be satisfied that you could afford to repay the deposit value over an agreed period of time.

Eligible people will be:

  • aged over 16
  • have no or low support needs
  • have a local connection to Angus and are in housing need and working with the Homelessness Prevention and Solutions Team to explore your housing options

How do I apply?

If you think you meet the above criteria, contact your case manager or the Homelessness Solutions and Prevention Team and ask for an appointment to discuss your housing situation.

To contact the housing service call 03452 777 778.

It is very important that you do not sign a tenancy agreement or move into a property until a decision has been given on your suitability for the scheme.

Finding a Property

It is your responsibility to find a suitable property to rent and a landlord willing to take part in the scheme.

The property must be located in Angus and suitable for your needs. If we consider the property is unsuitable or the rent is unaffordable or too high, you will not be allowed to use the scheme.

Once you have found a property

You must first tell the landlord that you intend to use the Housing Access Fund and ensure that they will accept this. If both parties wish to continue with the letting, you will need to provide the following information:

  • property address
  • landlord details (name, landlord registration number, bank details)
  • rent amount
  • deposit amount
  • your own details

Only properties managed by a registered landlord or agent will be considered for the scheme. You can check if a landlord or property is registered by checking the Scottish Landlord Register.

Legal Agreements

Once all parties are in agreement, we will ask the landlord to sign an agreement. This will be provided by your case manager.  

Only once the document is fully completed, signed and returned to the council will deposit monies be released.