Rent Deposit Scheme

If you urgently need housing, but don't have the money for a deposit for a private rental we can help.

If you meet our conditions, we can pay the deposit to the landlord on your behalf. You make a savings plan to repay the money to us.



Who can apply?

Anyone in work or receiving benefits can apply.

To make sure you are able to repay us, we will carry out checks including the affordability of the property and a check on your tenancy history including any rent arrears.

To be eligible you must be:

  • aged over 16
  • have no or low support needs
  • have a local connection to Angus
  • in housing need
  • working with the community housing team to explore your housing options

How do I apply?

Email your local housing office and someone will get back to you as soon as possible:

Do not sign a tenancy agreement or move into a property before we confirm you can take part in the scheme.

Finding a Property

It is your responsibility to find a suitable property to rent and a landlord willing to take part in the scheme. Our community housing teams may be able to help you to find a property.

The property must be in Angus and suitable for your needs.

You won't be able to use the scheme if we think:

  • the property is unsuitable
  • the rent is unaffordable
  • the rent is too high

Once you have found a property

You must tell the landlord that you intend to use the Rent Deposit Scheme and make sure that they accept this.

You will then need to provide the following:

  • property address
  • landlord details (name, landlord registration number, bank details)
  • rent amount
  • deposit amount
  • your details, including bank account details

The landlord, agent, or property must be registered.

Check by visiting the Landlord Registration Scotland website

Legal agreements

You and the landlord will sign legal agreements, which we will email to you, outlining your responsibilities.

We will release the deposit, once we receive the completed and signed documents.

Repaying the deposit

We will help you with a repayment plan.

It is likely that repayments will be on a monthly basis. They will be over a term that suits your needs, usually 12 to 24 months depending on your income. For example, a £400 deposit could be repaid at £25 per month over 16 months.

Once we agree a repayment plan, you must notify your bank and set up the repayment, making sure it goes to the right account. The community housing team can help you with this.

We will need details of your bank account in case we need to repay you any money.

For further information about the scheme contact the housing service: