Rent Deposit Scheme

If you urgently need housing, but don't have the money for a deposit for a private rental we can help.

If you meet our conditions, we can pay the deposit to the landlord on your behalf. You make a savings plan to repay the money to us.



Eligibility - tenants

We will consider applications from people in work or who receive benefits, subject to tenancy referencing and affordability checks.

We also need to be satisfied that the applicant can afford to pay the rent and repay the deposit over an agreed period of time.

We will give rent deposits to people:

  • who have been assessed and interviewed as capable of sustaining a tenancy
  • who we believe will behave responsibly and keep to the conditions of their tenancy

Applicants with a history of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour or any other significant breaches of tenancy conditions in any housing sector will generally not be able to participate in the scheme.

Tenants will be responsible for maintaining their tenancy under the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Eligibility - landlords

Landlords must be registered with us and transfer the deposit to one of the National Deposit Schemes.

The property must:

  • be located in Angus
  • have rent charged at an acceptable market rate, or affordable for the proposed tenant
  • comply with the Tolerable and Repairing Standards, and have all relevant safety certificates in place

Benefits for landlords

Benefits include:

  • we will assess the affordability of the tenancy and work with the tenant to ensure a manageable repayment plan
  • a rent deposit to the value of one month’s rent
  • information and advice on landlord’s rights and responsibilities and other aspects of private sector tenancy legislation
  • support, advice and assistance to resolve any disputes that may arise
  • support for tenants by helping them to sustain their tenancies including, budgeting, paying bills and connections to utilities

Participating in the scheme

Participation can take two forms:

  • once accepted, tenants can approach landlords to express an interest in a vacant property
  • if a landlord makes a property available to the scheme, we will nominate suitable prospective tenants

In either case, the landlord will have the final say in the selection of the tenant.

Both parties must sign legal agreements outlining their responsibilities and commitment to the scheme.

The landlord must:

  • provide bank account details to the council for the transfer of funds
  • provide the council’s contact and bank details to the designated National Deposit Scheme to ensure that the deposit is refunded to the council

The tenant will save the deposit value over a designated period of time. At this point the council will notify the landlord who will then be responsible for notifying the National Deposit Scheme so that the council's details can be replaced by the tenants.

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