Current consultations

Review of scheme for the establishment of community councils

We welcome comments and views from local people and local groups on proposed changes.

Rules and Regulations for Burial Grounds in Angus

Angus Council intends to introduce new rules and regulations for Burial Grounds and is consulting on the terms of the proposed regulations before doing so.

Management Rules for Parks, Country Parks, Recreational Open Spaces, Outdoor Sport and Play Areas

Angus Council intends to introduce new management rules for parks, country parks, recreational open spaces and outdoor sport and play areas in Angus.

Current consultations on Shaping Angus

Take part in the following consultations on the Shaping Angus website:

Brownfield sites in Angus

We want to know where the brownfield sites are in your area

Arbroath: a place for everyone

Arbroath – A Place for Everyone is the final stage of the Accessible Arbroath project.

Where Are Our Roadside Wildflower Hotspots?

The information gathered in this consultation will be used by the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership to map the wildflower rich verges throughout Tayside.

The Tayside Amphibians and Drains Project

The Tayside Amphibian and Reptile group in conjunction with the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership are building up a picture of amphibian migration throughout Tayside – and we need your help!

National consultations

Take part in national consultations via the Scottish Government’s Consultation Hub.

Completed consultations

Alphabetical list of  completed consultations.