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How work placements can benefit your business

Would you like to raise your business profile while supporting a young person to gain new skills and knowledge?

We are looking for employers to offer work placements to our senior pupils.

The benefits to your business include:

  • developing the skills of your staff¬†
  • engaging with your local community
  • raising your profile
  • promoting opportunities in your industry or profession
  • enjoying the energy and perspective of young people
  • identifying potential future employees

Interested? Just use our online form to find out more:

Work placement enquiry form

Work placements can take place on a fixed or flexible basis to best suit the pupil and the employer.

The employer won't:

  • have to pay the young person during the placement
  • have to guarantee a job at the end of the placement
  • pay anything towards the placement - the council and school will undertake all the related administration

The employer will:

  • have to support any pupil required to gather evidence in the workplace as part of a qualification
  • plan for the pupil coming into placement
  • take time with them for any related learning and reflection
  • have the necessary health and safety procedures, such as risk assessments in place
  • have the appropriate¬†employer liability insurance in place