Angus Council conditions of service: teachers, music instructors and other education professionals

Excludes educational psychologists.

Supplementary information to the key terms and conditions of service referred to in your Statement of Employment Particulars is provided here with full details available from your head teacher or line manager or on the Employee Matters area of the council intranet site, access will be given when you start employment. Full national terms and conditions are available at Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers.


Acting appointments — allowances (Teacher only) (Temporarily Undertaking Duties of a Higher Grade)

Where a teacher is appointed on a temporary basis to carry out the duties of a promoted post holder in a school, education establishment or education team, the teacher’s salary shall be increased to the salary for the promoted post, after 20 non-consecutive days, after which payment is made on a temporary basis one month in arrears. If the teacher is placed in an acting capacity in the same post again, and six months have lapsed since the teacher left the post, the 20 working day requirement must apply.

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