Coronavirus outbreak: law and licensing updates

Registration services

Copies of certificates

Due to the currently COVID-19 outbreak, we are unable to process requests for copies of birth, death, marriage or civil partnerships online. 

If you urgently need copies of any of these documents please call ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 or use our general enquiry form


We are unable to offer face to face registration appointments at present.

All deaths and still births must now be registered via phone or email.

Contact ACCESSline Monday to Friday, between 8.45am and 5pm (10am and 5pm on a Wednesday) on 03452 777 778 or via our general enquiry form.

ACCESSline will pass your details to our registrars who will contact you to arrange an appointment to register the still birth or death.

If you have a specific enquiry relating to registration of birth, marriages and death, or regarding marriage ceremonies, please contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 or complete our general enquiry form.

All births registrations have been postponed until further notice. This will be kept under review.

The following services remain available by phone, email or by Skype meeting including:

  • general registration enquiries
  • discussion of marriage ceremonies  

Marriage and civil partnership ceremonies

Marriage and Civil Partnership ceremonies are not permitted at the current time. Exceptions may be considered only in particularly time-sensitive circumstances due to specific health conditions. To discuss contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 or complete our general enquiry form.

The following applies to all intended marriages, whether religious, civil or belief body:

Submitted marriage notices are valid for 90 days. However where marriage notices are due to expire because of COVID-19, couples will be able to re-submit subsequent notices at a later date, free of charge.

Civil marriage bookings

  • couples may cancel or postpone planned ceremonies at no financial penalty to them
  • cancelled ceremonies will be fully refunded
  • postponed ceremonies may be rescheduled at no additional cost to the couple

We are emailing all couples with civil (that is registrar-led) ceremony bookings, and all religious and belief body celebrants to discuss the new arrangements.


Group citizenship ceremonies have been cancelled for now. Contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 or complete our general enquiry form  to enquire about completion of the naturalisation process.

    Finding and asking for information

    The following page has been updated during the COVID-19 outbreak:

    Liquor licensing guidance

    Taxi/private hire licence refunds

    Guidance for street traders

    Guidance for civic licence holders

    Guidance for civic miscellaneous licence holders

    Guidance for taxi/private hire operators/drivers

    COVID-19 business security