Obstructions to access rights

The Land Reform legislation established access rights over most land in Scotland. Access rights must be taken responsibly, and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code gives advice on your rights and responsibilities.

We have a duty to uphold access rights and we will investigate reports of obstruction. Our investigations will take account of the location and land use and consider whether the obstruction appears to be deliberate or unreasonable.

If you think access rights have been obstructed, you can contact us

We will look into the issue, and if appropriate we will seek to have the obstruction removed.

In some cases we may also consider whether a public right of way exists. Public rights of way can exist over land where access rights do not apply.

We do not have a role in investigating or asserting private rights of access to private properties. You should seek your own legal advice on this.

The Cairngorms National Park Authority is responsible for upholding access rights in the part of Angus which is in the national park.