Due to significant changes in legislation, Angus Council is now unable to offer a free seagull egg and nest removal service for residents.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), following consultation, have amended the licensing regime to remove all species of gull from the General License which previously permitted Angus Council to carry out egg and nest removal during the breeding season. This is due to increasing concerns about the declining conservation status of gulls.

This means that continuing with the egg and nest removal service is not an option because to be effective it has to be a long term strategy.

Under the SNH licensing regime the responsibility for dealing with gulls will be that of the property owner or the occupier or their contractor. For further details see the SNH website.

Angus Council does not have powers to force property owners to take action against gulls and as such if we get complaints we will only respond in an emergency.

If your property is likely to be affected by gulls our advice is that you should consider proofing measures such as spikes, nets and wires. If you want to proof your property before the breeding season starts you will have to act quickly as this usually takes place from the start of April depending on weather conditions. You can buy DIY spikes online or you can use an approved pest contractor.

Once the chicks leave the nest, parent gulls can become very aggressive in a bid to protect them. Unfortunately, there is nothing the council can do to prevent this as the birds are protected by law. The best advice is to avoid the nesting sites as much as possible and wait until the birds have left the area before attempting to take any preventative measures.

You can also help us tackle the nuisance caused by gulls by not feeding them, and properly disposing of litter and food waste.