The Scam Free Angus campaign

Scam Free Angus works to reduce the amount of people who lose money or goods or property to fraud, cons and tricks.

The campaign supports the local community by providing advice and help. We aim to keep you informed about local and national campaigns, recent scams and issues in Angus.

Scams cost an estimated three million UK individuals £9.1 billion per year. Scotland’s share of this is more than £750 million. Angus’ share of that is more than £15 million.

We know of at least four people in Angus who have lost their entire life savings to criminals. The true figure may be even higher.

Scammers DON’T care about you, your age or background – the chances are everyone will be scammed at least once.

To find out more about our campaign to protect our citizens from scammers view our Policy on Financial Harm.

You can also view our videos to find out more about the impact of scams on people in the county, and how you can help us to prevent anyone falling victim to a scam.