Kirriemuir Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS)

Applying for a grant

Applicants should contact the CARS project officer on to discuss potential grant aided work.

All applications should be submitted using our application form and information sheets, and include a full description of the works involved and three independent quotations.

Quotations should be fully detailed/itemised and include a full specification for the grant eligible works. You should also support your application with detailed photographs or drawings which help to clarify the nature or extent of the work.

Planning permission, listed building consent or building warrant may be required for the proposed works and this must be obtained before your application is submitted. Grants will only be considered after formal permissions are in place.

Once checked by the project officer, the application will go to the steering group for determination. You should not start work before the grant application has been made and a decision issued.

If approved, a formal offer of grant award will be issued. Certain conditions may be attached to the offer in relation to methodology, materials, detailing or techniques to be used.

Please ensure that the contractor is fully aware of the specialised requirements of the grant scheme and of any conditions attached to the grant offer. Grants will not be paid if the work does not meet the required standard or agreed detailing or if any conditions have not been complied with.

The work will be monitored to ensure compliance with the conditions of grant. Any change from the original approved proposal must be agreed by the CARS project officer. Receipted invoices for the grant works should be submitted within one month from completion. Grants will be paid to the applicant after submission of final certificates or receipted invoices and inspection of the completed works.