What is conservation?

We use the term ‘conservation’ to refer to the protection of built heritage.

‘Built heritage’ is the unique and irreplaceable element of our man-made environment. It merits special protection so that it can be enjoyed by current and future generations. Built heritage includes:

  • listed buildings
  • archaeological sites
  • scheduled monuments
  • conservation areas
  • gardens and designed landscapes
  • locally important buildings
  • other structures and spaces

Sometimes this is referred to as the historic environment.

Built heritage is for everyone. It’s part of the identity of our places. It provides a link to our history and culture and is often what makes a place attractive to residents and visitors. It also contributes to our sense of belonging and security.

The best way to protect built heritage is through proper maintenance and continued use.

This is also the most environmentally sustainable approach. It reduces the need for new buildings, and the materials and energy required to build them.

Our approach to conservation is set out in managing the built heritage of Angus.