Submit a planning application

Before you start

Make sure you understand how planning permission works.

If the work you intend to carry out needs planning permission, read our pre-application advice.

Submitting your application

Submit using the website.

Our Privacy Statement describes how we will use your personal information.


You can pay your planning fee up to £10,000 online.

After submission

We will notify your neighbours of your planning application. If you have no neighbours on land adjoining your property, we are usually required to advertise your application in the local press.

You will be charged for the cost of the advert.

Planning processing agreements

We encourage the use of planning processing agreements in applications for:

  • national, major and significant developments or
  • complex local developments

These agreements set out key stages in the determination of an application. They also identify timescales for submission of information and determination.

They can add clarity and certainty about information requirements and associated timescales. A processing agreement does not guarantee the grant of planning permission.