View or comment on a planning application

Comment on planning applications

Comment on planning applications, either in support or opposition, using Public Access. Be aware that any comments you submit will be made public and will be published on our Public Access system.

Comments on planning applications are also referred to as representations. When making a representation, please set out your reasons. It is not enough to simply state that you object to or support the proposal.

You can get advice from private planning consultants or from groups such as Planning Aid Scotland.

Some points which may be considered to form a valid planning representation include:

  • compliance or non-compliance with the local development plan or national guidance 
  • impact on adjacent property and the local area 
  • noise, nuisance and smell 
  • privacy and amenity
  • visual appearance and compatibility
  • impact on traffic movements
  • road safety and access
  • parking issues
  • effect on pedestrians and cyclists

Some points which are not considered to form a valid planning representation include:

  • issues covered by other legislation such as licensing, building standards, health and safety 
  • private property rights such as boundary or access disputes 
  • the developer’s motives, record or reputation 
  • perceived impact on property values
  • competition between businesses 
  • the impact on a private view over someone else’s land 
  • inconvenience caused by construction works
  • moral issues, such as an amusement arcade which might attract children

If you submit a representation we will send you an acknowledgment with information on the process for determination of the planning application.