Permission to park on the street (parking dispensation)

You need permission if your business or organisation needs to park on:

  • parking bays on a street (60-minute bays)
  • on part of the street where parking is restricted (for example on yellow lines)

This is called a parking dispensation.

If your business or organisation needs the use of a car park, apply for a parking suspension.

We issue dispensations for

Parking bays on a street (60-minute limited waiting bays):

  • delivering/collecting furniture or heavy goods or for extended periods of loading/unloading, where it is reasonable to allow longer than the 60 minutes normally permitted by the parking regulations 
  • building works, demolition or excavation where close proximity to the site is essential
  • funerals (hearses, chief mourners), or weddings (bride/chief attendants)
  • filming
  • a security company delivering or collecting currency or other valuables
  • other circumstances which may reasonably be regarded to be essential to the work taking place (such as a vehicle with a generator)

On part of the street where parking is restricted - for example on yellow lines:

  • extended periods for loading/unloading exceeding 20 minutes
  • filming
  • a security company delivering or collecting currency or other valuables
  • other circumstances which may reasonably be regarded to be essential to the work taking place (such as a vehicle with a generator)

We will not issue dispensations for:

  • convenience
  • applications where parking may adversely affect disabled bays, taxi ranks, or bus stops
  • applications where loading restrictions are in place if the dispensation is requested during the restricted period(s)
  • locations within 50 metres of a signal-controlled junction
  • the entry/exit of a pedestrian crossing marking
  • on a pavement or other locations where parking may cause a danger to pedestrians and road users
  • at locations causing a serious obstruction or impediment to the free flow of traffic
  • requests where there are doubts concerning the validity of the application
  • to persistent evaders of penalty charge notices (five or more unpaid PCNs outstanding).

In the case where a tradesperson/contractor is just looking for a place nearby to park then they will not be granted dispensation unless they can demonstrate that they require regular access to their vehicle.

A dispensation does not permit general parking and it does not allow the vehicle to remain in the restricted/prohibited area once the dispensation purpose has been fulfilled. 


Applications fall under three categories:

CategoryExampleAdmin feeCharge for loss of parking income
1. Fully commercialbuilding works, removals£63.60 per application for up to five days, plus £31.85 per month or part month thereafter.Free for up to five days then £6.50/week/parking place occupied or part occupied thereafter
2. Part commercialmobile banks or local markets, where the applicant is providing some community benefits£63.60 per application for up to five days, plus £31.85 per month or part month thereafterno charge
3. Community/charityblood donation vehicles, or the holding of events where the applicant is providing community benefitsno chargeno charge



Apply at least five days in advance.

We will email you with a decision within five working days.

We may ask you for more information before we make a decision.

You will only be asked for payment once we have approved your application.

Once your application has been approved and payment received, we will email you a copy of the permit to display on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Apply for parking dispensation

  1. Dispensations are available to facilitate periods of loading, unloading activity and for instances where a vehicle needs to be parked at or near a location because the vehicle is essential to the work that is taking place (e.g. the vehicle is carrying a generator). Dispensations are not to be used to provide convenient parking.

  2. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will lead to the withdrawal of the dispensation.

  3. An administration fee per vehicle, per parking bay/space or part thereof will be taken prior to a dispensation being granted. An additional fee will be applied to offset the loss of parking spaces and/or income where parking charges apply.

  4. This dispensation does not guarantee you a space at the agreed location.

  5. The dispensation is only valid for the use of the vehicle for which it was arranged, during the specified times and dates as detailed on the approved waiver certificate.

  6. Materials or goods must not be deposited on the footway or carriageway (except to the immediate rear of the vehicle), nor shall they be placed across any part of the footway or carriageway in any manner which will interfere with the safety of pedestrians and/or of other road users. The depositing of building materials or skips should be applied for separately under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.

  7. The dispensation is to be used only for the specified purpose for which it was issued.

  8. Once the purpose stated has been completed, the driver must move the vehicle elsewhere and comply with normal parking regulations which are in force at the relevant time.

  9. The dispensation allows the vehicle to use a single yellow line, double yellow line or loading bay in the agreed streets and is not valid in areas where a loading prohibition is in effect.

  10. The applicant/driver must provide a telephone number and/or address at which he/she can be immediately contacted.

  11. The vehicle should be parked responsibly and must not be parked within the confines of any disabled bay, bus stop, taxi rank; in contravention of any loading prohibitions; or in such a manner as to cause an obstruction to other road users or pedestrians.

  12. The dispensation is not transferable and no refunds will be given for periods of unused time. If more than one vehicle is required to park then the fee calculation will be applied to each vehicle/parking space. The Council reserves the right to inspect the vehicle at all reasonable times for the purposes of verifying the works and/or authenticity of the dispensation. You may be required to attend the Parking Services office with the vehicle for the purpose of a vehicle inspection.

  13. The vehicle must be relocated if requested to do so by a Parking Attendant or Police Officer in uniform. This will only happen in circumstances where emergency access or traffic flow is impeded.

  14. Failure to comply with these dispensation terms and conditions may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued and/or future dispensation requests being refused.

  15. Renewal of this dispensation is not automatic, and Angus Council reserves the right to amend its criteria and conditions of issue at any time.


Dispensation Fees: (To be paid upon application if approved) – no fee is payable where dispensation is needed for the operation of the council’s statutory functions).