Coaching, leadership and development opportunities

Modern Apprentices

Angus Council gave a commitment to support the employment of Modern Apprentices in recognition of the increasing challenges of youth unemployment. Angus Active Schools were able to appoint two Modern Apprentices who will be key members of the team.

Details of Active Schools Modern Apprentices can be found on the Angus Active Schools Team page.

Active Schools/ANGUSalive CPD courses

Active Schools and Angus Community Sport Hubs are working together with our partners to put together a CPD calendar. The courses on offer aim to provide volunteers with new ideas to support what they are delivering in their schools and communities, some of these will provide a formal qualification. They will be led by qualified tutors, regional development officers and college lecturers.

For course details visit the Coaching and Education page on ANGUSalive.

Sports Leadership Academy

In partnership with Dundee Active Schools and Dundee and Angus College the Sports Leadership Academy was designed to support school pupils to develop their skills and experience through sports coaching and officiating and enhancing skills for life and work. The project combines sports qualifications or awards with practical coaching and officiating experience in a school or club setting, providing vital skills to help pupils flourish in education and employment.