Apply for an education grant

The Morgan Grant for school pupils

The Morgan Grant is an educational endowment scheme which awards maintenance and emergency grants  to pupils with at least one parent who:

  • was born and educated in the Angus Council area, or
  • lived in the Angus Council area for five years immediately before the date of his or her death, or the date on which he or she applies for an award from this trust for a son or a daughter

Maintenance grants

These grants are awarded to pupils attending any school, or about to attend any school, and valued as the Governors consider it appropriate in view of the circumstances of the beneficiary.  The grants are tenable for one year and will be reviewed annually.  In considering whether to renew a grant the Governors shall have regard to the conduct and progress of the beneficiary.

Emergency grants

These grants may be awarded to pupils attending any school when the parent or other person upon whom the pupil is dependent dies, or for any reason suffers a serious loss of income with the result that the pupil cannot continue to attend the school which he or she was attending before the emergency arose or can attend it only with serious hardship. 

Each grant shall be of such annual value as the Governors consider appropriate in the circumstances and shall be tenable until the beneficiary leaves school or an improvement in financial circumstances makes the continuance of the grant unnecessary in the opinion of the Governors. 

It shall be a condition of tenure of the grant that the Governors shall be satisfied with the conduct and progress of the beneficiary.

To apply download The Morgan Grant Application Form.