Education grants for pupils, students and groups

The Morgan Bursary for Dundee and Angus College students

The bursary help residents of Angus:

  • whose access to HNC and HND courses at Dundee and Angus College might be prevented for financial reasons
  • to help existing students at Dundee and Angus College who are suffering financial difficulties

To be eligible applicants must:

  • have attended secondary school in Angus for a minimum of three years
  • must live in Angus, or have parents who live in Angus
  • have a total household income of less than £35,000.

Apply for a Morgan Bursary for Dundee and Angus College students.

The Morgan Grant for school pupils

The Morgan Grant offers maintenance and emergency grants to Angus school pupils with at least one parent or carer who:

  • was born and educated in Angus
  • lived in Angus for five years before their death
  • has lived at current address in Angus for more than five years
  • has lived at different addresses in Angus for a total of more than five years before this application

Maintenance grants

To decide the amount of grant, the governors of the trust take into account the circumstances of the pupil. They may also seek information about the conduct and learning progress of the pupil.

If awarded, the grant is for one school year. A new application must be submitted for the renewal of the grant.

Apply for a maintenance grant

Emergency grants

These grants may be awarded to pupils attending a school in Angus, either:

  • following the death of a parent/guardian
  • following the serious loss of income which results in the pupil being unable to attend school or means that attendance at school would result in serious hardship

The amount of grant will be decided by the governors. It will remain in place until either:

  • the pupil leaves school 
  • there is an improvement in financial circumstances 

Apply for an emergency grant

University undergraduates

The Angus Educational Trust provides:

  • grants to Angus residents for undergraduate university courses
  • travel grants to those studying higher education courses outwith Scotland
  • financial assistance to young people travelling abroad for educational purposes

To be eligible for funding the applicant or their parents have to live in Angus.

Apply for funding- university

Financial assistance for groups and clubs

The Angus Educational Trust provides:

  • financial assistance to clubs in Angus 
  • financial assistance to groups working to improve educational opportunities and learning in Angus

Any groups and clubs who wish to apply for funding also need to be based in Angus.

To apply, groups and clubs should write to the Administrator, Angus Educational Trust, Children and Learning Directorate, Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar DD8 1AN, enclosing the following information:  

  • details of the activity, and how it will improve the educational and learning opportunities of Angus residents 
  • details of other grants or funding being received
  • costs for the activity they wish funding for