Online school payments

Pay for meals, trips and other school payments using iPayimpact.

Register or sign in

You'll need a mygovscot account to use the online school payments facility.

sign in or register for iPay with mygovscot's myaccount

iPayimpact encourages users to use a Single Sign On (SSO) system called ‘mygovscot-myaccount’ for user authentication.

This means you can use the same login to access other council services. ‘mygovscot-myaccount’ shares some of your data with iPayimpact.

You can then link your login to an Ipayimpact account using the Pupil ID (link key) reference. Your child's school will provide this.

If you do not currently have a mygovscot-myaccount login:

  1. Go to . Click 'Log In', then 'mygovscot-myaccount'.
  2. Click on Register
  3. Enter the necessary data (this takes a couple of steps).
  4. You'll get an email with a temporary password.
  5. Login to ‘mygovscot-myaccount’ using this temporary password. You will be asked to supply a new password immediately.

You will now either:

  • be asked to share some of the data you have just entered with iPayimpact. Once agreed you will be automatically redirected to iPayimpact.


  • you might need to find iPayimpact from the list of available service providers. You'll be asked to agree to share some of the data you have just entered with iPayimpact before proceeding to iPayimpact.

Once you have a Login from mygovscot-myaccount login to iPayimpact:

  1. Login to iPayimpact using your mygovscot-myaccount login.
  2. You should be redirected to iPayimpact. If you have never logged on to iPayimpact by alternative means, you will be automatically set up on the system. The data that you have agreed to share will be set as your My Profile information.
  3. If you have previously had a normal non-SSO account with iPayimpact and you used the same email address, you may be asked to link your new account to this original account. You will need to supply the original password for this account to proceed.

Linking your Login to a Student account

By repeating these instructions for different AccountRefs (link keys) you can have many Accounts associated with your Login:

  1. Login to iPayimpact using your mygovscot-myaccount login
  2. Click on the Accounts tab.
  3. Click the Link a New Account button.
  4. Enter the appropriate Account Ref (link key).
  5. Click Find Account and Establishment.
  6. Select Establishment from the list box (if a list is offered).
  7. Click the Link Account button.

You should now be able to make payments for this new account.

Register your child on iPay

Your child’s school will have sent you an account reference for your child.

On iPay scroll to link an account and enter your child’s account reference. Click find account and establishment. Repeat for each child you want to add to your account.

Forgotten username/password

If you have forgotten your username or password reset it using the ‘Sign in with myaccount’ button on the iPay home page.

If you need further help there's a link to raise a support request at the bottom of the myaccount Help page.

Checking your balance and making payments

Once signed in you can:

  • pre-order your child's meals
  • view your balance 
  • make other payments (such as for school trips)

You'll then be prompted to register a card and make payment. When pre-ordering school meals you must have funds in your account to cover the cost of each meal ordered. If your child receives free school meals these can also be ordered through iPay. There is no requirement to have funds in the account to do this.


If your child is moving schools you can make a request for a refund through your school office. Refunds are made directly to your bank account.

Report a problem

If you have problems accessing iPay visit myaccount help and raise a support request if you need to.

For any other issues with iPay such as making payments get in touch using our enquiry form.