Hiring education premises

To apply for a let of a school or other education premises, please download our school let application form.

We will send you a confirmation email. If the application is refused then we'll send you a letter.

For further information view our:

Table A - standard rate charge per hour (from August 2019)

These rates are set for groups taking place in premises which have a janitor. Groups include:

  • aerobic/keep-fit classes 
  • dance classes 
  • discos
  • WRI groups
  Category 1
classroom, staffroom, lounge
Category 2
hall, gym
Category 3
sports field (no changing facilities)
Category 4
sports field
(incl changing facilities)
Category 5
games hall
Category 6
swimming pool
  £ £ £ £ £ £
Mon/Fri 23 39 31 54 69.50 90.50
Saturday 39 61 48 61 78 116.50
Sunday 48 78 61 78 99 130.50

Table B ‒ community block booking charges per hour per occasion

This category is designed to allow any bona fide youth or community group who are not profit-making to plan regular bookings for a complete school year (based on a minimum of 10 consecutive meetings to a maximum of 40 meetings per year).

These groups include:

  • art and craft workshops 
  • athletic clubs 
  • badminton clubs 
  • Boys Brigade 
  • Brownies
  • camera clubs
  • Cubs
  • football clubs
  • Guides
  • martial arts clubs 
  • netball/basketball coaching 
  • non-commercial theatre clubs 
  • recognised adult/further education classes
  • Scouts
  • skater/hockey Clubs
  • staff recreation clubs 
  • former pupil sports clubs
  • swimming clubs
  • tennis clubs
  • toddler groups
  • youth clubs with education links

Senior citizens will be charged 20% of the concessionary rate.

  Category 1
classroom, staffroom, lounge
Category 2
hall, gym
Category 3
sports field (no changing facilities)
Category 4
sports field
(incl changing facilities)
Category 5
games hall
Category 6
swimming pool
  £ £ £ £ £ £
Concession* 7.50 8 8 9 11.50 11.50
Adults 11 12 12 19 22 22

*Concession = up to 16 years of age

If groups require to book more than two units of accommodation they should contact the ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 to discuss a suitable charge.

Groups granted a community block booking let will be able to book additional meetings subject to the availability of accommodation and at the discretion of the Schools & Learning Team.

Unemployed Adults and Student Groups will be charged the rates applied to the Concession age group.

Playgroups/Mother & Toddler Groups

These groups will be charged £4.20 per week. There will be no charge for Playgroups if they are in partnership with Angus Council.

Profit Making Groups

When a group does not meet the criteria to qualify for a Community Block Booking rate (i.e income of £3000 or more per annum) Table A rates will apply.
If all participants within the group are under 16 years of age a 50% reduction on Table A will be charged.

Extra Curricular Activities and fund raising

School lets will remain free of charge for schools until 10pm Mon-Fri and until 6pm hours on a Saturday. Lets outwith these times will be charged at Table A Category 1.

Additional notes

School premises are normally available during the school term and will not be available during school holidays (including public holidays). Facilities will not be available during examination periods.
Groups should ensure premises are vacated by the end of the let period. Lessees should allow sufficient time for putting away equipment, changing and so on.
Individual groups qualifying for block booking rates may find it more economical to apply for standard rate charges depending on their particular circumstances. Assistance in this matter will be provided by the school lets team.

Free category

A large number of users of educational premises enjoy free use of the facilities. Priority is given to these users on the basis of 1) Schools, 2) Community Learning & Development Service, 3) Adult Education Associations. These user groups include:

  • the School (all school activities, business meetings and school fund-raising activities, Parent Councils, Parent/Teacher Associations
  • Any group, vouched for by the Head Teacher, who organise a social event/fundraising event for the benefit of the school
  • community Learning and Development Service Activities
  • councillors holding surgeries
  • regular monthly meetings of Community Councils
  • organisations for people with disabilities

In addition, several activities are promoted by the Community Learning and Development Service at no cost to the users. These activities include:

  • training with an educational focus for voluntary organisations including Scottish Pre-School Play Association and the Angus Association of Youth Clubs
  • Community For All/Liaison meetings
  • Adult Basic Education
  • classes for English as a second language
  • supported issue-based groups
  • Youth Work/Consultation/Development meetings
  • Partnership meetings/Groups