Online school payments

Pay for meals, trips and other school payments using iPay.

Register or sign in

You'll need a mygovscot account to use the online school payments facility.

sign in or register for iPay with mygovscot's myaccount

Register your child on iPay

Your child’s school will have sent you an account reference for your child.

On iPay scroll to link an account and enter your child’s account reference. Click find account and establishment. Repeat for each child you want to add to your account.

Forgotten username/password

If you have forgotten your username or password reset it using the ‘Sign in with myaccount’ button on the iPay home page.

If you need further help there's a link to raise a support request at the bottom of the myaccount Help page.

Checking your balance and making payments

Once signed in you can:

  • pre-order your child's meals
  • view your balance 
  • make other payments (such as for school trips)

You'll then be prompted to register a card and make payment. When pre-ordering school meals you must have funds in your account to cover the cost of each meal ordered. If your child receives free school meals these can also be ordered through iPay. There is no requirement to have funds in the account to do this.


If your child is moving schools you can make a request for a refund through your school office. Refunds are made directly to your bank account.

Report a problem

If you have problems accessing iPay visit myaccount help and raise a support request if you need to.

For any other issues with iPay such as making payments get in touch using our general enquiry form.