Additional support needs (ASN) transport

Transport may be arranged for pupils who have additional support needs and who meet the criteria, for example are unable to walk to school or on medical grounds.

Apply for ASN transport

Guidance for parents and carers

If your child has additional support needs and receives transport to school, please follow these guidelines:

  • meet the vehicle both morning and afternoon at your identified pick up point. It is important that you keep to the allocated time.
  • make sure your child is well enough to travel and attend school
  • provide at least ten days’ notice of changes, such as a new wheelchair
  • if you are changing address please submit a new application
  • the driver is not authorised to drop your child at a different address
  • if your child will not be travelling, let the contractor and school know
  • it is helpful to tell the driver or escort about things your child might find comforting as well as about things that upset them
  • let the driver know if your child gets car sick
  • your child should visit the toilet before the journey
  • if you are unexpectedly delayed and cannot get home before your child is returned, call 03452 777 778
  • exchange mobile numbers with the driver to aid good communication.