Attendance and absence

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly and arrive on time.

They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of their children on their journeys to and from school.

Parents should follow these procedures:

  • if your child is ill please phone the school between 9am and 9.45am on the first day of his/her absence
  • alternatively send in a note via your child’s brother or sister or a friend
  • if your child becomes unwell at lunchtime and is unable to return to school please inform the school before the beginning of the afternoon session
  • when you contact the school please indicate if possible how long you expect your child to be absent
  • when your child returns to school, a signed and dated note should be provided explaining the reason for absence and confirming the periods of absence.

If a child does not arrive at school, and there is no reasonable explanation provided for his/her absence, staff will investigate their whereabouts and safety.

To assist schools, parents are asked to ensure that home, work and emergency contact numbers are kept up-to-date.

Parents are encouraged not to arrange family holidays during term time. Where this is unavoidable, provide your head teacher with information of the dates when the child is to be absent from the school.

Except in cases of emergency, appointments for children to attend the dentist or doctor should be made outwith the school day.

Schools are required by law to maintain an accurate record of the attendance and absence of each pupil.