Gaelic education

We offer a Gaelic medium class at Whitehills Primary School in Forfar where children learn and speak Gaelic – all their work is in Gaelic instead of English. The unit has its own classroom but is very much part of the whole school community. The children join the rest of the school for assemblies, school trips, specialist teaching, playtimes and general activities.

Children benefit from being in the Gaelic class because they have the opportunity to learn a second language from primary one.

Most of the children’s own families don’t speak Gaelic at home. Parents are strongly involved in the work of the class and the wider school, and there is close collaboration with the Gaelic teacher.

What children think of being in a Gaelic class:

  • We can learn a new language and develop speaking skills.
  • We learn Gaelic songs.
  • Everyone is very nice and helpful and makes sure we are OK.

Parents think it is good for children because:

  • As you are learning Gaelic it builds an inner confidence that helps with all subjects.
  • It’s a great opportunity for children to learn another language from a young age.
  • Small and friendly, similar to a country school with lots of one to one teaching and also help from the older pupils. They have a fantastic teacher and the class has a close bond.

The aim of Gaelic Medium Education is to achieve competency in both Gaelic and English. Primaries one to three are the 'total immersion' stages in which all teaching is done through Gaelic. In the last term of primary three, English reading and writing are gradually introduced. By the end of primary seven, children educated in the unit will have completed the curriculum and also be fluent in Gaelic.

For more information or to enrol your child contact Whitehills Primary School.

To view the Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education visit the Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s website.

For a copy of the Gaelic Medium Primary Education - Assessment Request Form visit the Scottish Government's website.

To find out more about Gaelic Medium Education in Scotland and the support available for parents visit Comann nam Pàrant.