Pupil reports and assessment


The Curriculum for Excellence introduced a new framework for pupil assessment that more closely supports and reflects your child’s learning. Assessment is used to measure progress and achievement and to plan next steps in learning.

Assessment takes place:

  • as part of day-to-day work in class
  • at key points throughout the year
  • at periods of transition 
    • nursery to P1
    • moving onto next class
    • moving onto to secondary school
    • moving from school to school

You will be told how your child is progressing and achieving in a range of ways including:

  • home/school books
  • personal learning logs or profiles
  • parent interviews
  • open events
  • written reports


Pupil reports are securely maintained from the time the pupil first enters nursery/primary education.

Schools will ensure the effective movement of records from school to school and at primary/secondary transfer.

In April/May each year, you will receive a report giving details of how your child is progressing at school. However you can contact the school at any time to discuss your child’s progress.