Relationships, sexual health and parenthood

All Angus schools deliver learning and teaching opportunities in relationships, sexual health and parenting (RSHP) in line with Scottish Government guidelines and Curriculum for Excellence. Learning takes place in a developmentally appropriate way, focusing on content, themes and language suitable to learners’ age and stage.

Children and young people learn about healthy relationships, sexual health and parenthood. The main areas covered are:

  • respecting ourselves and others
  • respecting individual differences
  • ways to express and deal with feelings and emotions
  • ways to keep safe
  • positive and supportive relationships

RSHP education produces better outcomes for children and young people, by building healthier relationships and making safer choices. It helps to teach children and young people how to filter the world they see around them, keeps them safer and encourages them to think about rights and responsibilities.

We will keep parents informed about the nature and purpose of the learning their children will follow, and seek their views at appropriate times. Any parents who have any questions or concerns should contact their head teacher directly.