Self-directed support

Self-Directed Support (SDS): guidance for the pandemic from Scottish Government

Self-directed support allows you, your carer and your family to choose what your support looks like and how it is delivered.

Self-directed support is available to adults and children eligible for social care support services.

We will discuss with you what you want to achieve and agree outcomes based on this conversation.

For example your personal outcome may be that you want to live in your own home.

Self-directed support can be used to meet this outcome by providing help to shower or bath, get washed and dressed.

Outside the home it could support you to go to college, continue in employment, take a job or attend community groups.

Self-directed support has four options:

  1. direct payment – you can receive a payment which will let you organise your own support
  2. directing your support – you can select a provider and the support in a way that suits you best to meet your agreed outcomes
  3. support organised for you – you can ask your worker to decide with you what support you need and the we will arrange it on your behalf
  4. mix and match – you can choose to have a mix of the above options for different types of support

If you have care or support needs and are already involved with health and social services, you can ask your worker about self-directed support.

Alternatively email

For further information visit Self Directed Support Scotland.