Support for people newly diagnosed with dementia

We provide 12 months support tailored to any individual, and their family, who are newly diagnosed with dementia. 

This service is delivered by staff who can develop a supportive relationship with the individual and their carers to support the individual to live well and independently with dementia for as long as possible.

Once you have been diagnosed by your consultant, we will contact you and organise a convenient time to visit you and your family.

This will normally happen within seven working days.

We can:

  • give information, advice and support to help you understand your illness and how to manage day to day life
  • offer you and your family information, advice and guidance about planning for the future
  • give advice, guidance and support on a range of matters, including financial matters, benefits, driving, medication, other services
  • give advice, guidance and support to assist you to remain connected to your community for example attending jointly run dementia cafes with Alzheimer’s Scotland and the team
  • explain about power of attorney (choosing someone to act on your behalf for your finances and welfare)
  • support to help you come to terms with your dementia, assisting you to access peer support (speaking to others with dementia and their carers)

The service is confidential and information may only be shared with your permission.

There is no charge for the above service. You may however be charged for community care services such as community meals or a community alarm.

This will involve completing a self directed support assessment. For more information visit our self directed support page.

For people aged under 65 with dementia in Angus, we have set up a support group in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland. A support group is also available for carers of people in this age group.

For further information about the post diagnostic dementia service call ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.