Are you at risk of harm?

By law, adults who find it hard to protect themselves are entitled to help and support.

You might be at risk of being harmed because you:

  • have a mental illness or form of dementia
  • are an older person aged over 65
  • have a physical disability
  • are frail
  • have a learning disability
  • have sight problems or are blind
  • have hearing problems or are deaf

Someone might be:

  • hurting you
  • not giving you food or medication that you need
  • taking your money
  • touching you in ways you don't like
  • making you have sex when you don't want to
  • frightening you
  • making you unhappy in other ways

You don't have to put up with this behaviour from anyone. You have the right to be safe.

There are a number of things we can do to help such as:

  • offering you extra support to help keep you safe
  • holding a meeting to plan what support you need to keep you safe
  • the police can charge the person who has harmed you
  • we can find you somewhere safe to stay while we sort things out to make you safe
  • we can take action to stop the person who has harmed you from seeing you
  • we will make sure you have the treatment you need if you have an injury or illness

If you are being harmed, or feel you are at risk of harm, you can get help by using our report an adult protection concern online form.

You can also speak to someone you trust such as a doctor, police officer, care worker or nurse.