What to expect at an adult protection case conference

An adult protection case conference is a meeting we arrange if there are serious concerns that you are not safe or that someone is causing you harm.

Can I attend the case conference?

The council will try to have the case conference at a place where you can easily attend. Your views are very important and you will be given help to attend if it is possible.

If you cannot go to the meeting, your care manager or another worker who knows you well will to talk to you, find out what you think, and tell this to people at the conference. 

You can also ask for an independent advocate (representative) not employed by us or the NHS to help you give your views at the case conference. An independent advocate can also attend the conference for you to make sure your views are heard.

The following people may also be at the conference:

  • The adult protection and review officer, who will chair the meeting
  • Friends or family members, but only if you want them to be there 
  • Your care manager
  • Someone who can interpret for you if you have communication needs
  • Your doctor, community nurse or other health professional
  • A community police officer
  • A housing officer
  • Someone such as a mental health officer or a solicitor from Angus Council Law and Administration who can tell the case conference how the law can protect you

Why must there be a case conference?

A case conference is needed to:

  • find out whether you are at risk of harm
  • find out what the harm might be
  • agree what needs to be done to protect you from harm.

What happens at the case conference?

At the case conference:

  • information about any risks to your health or safety is shared
  • your views and the views of your friends and family are considered
  • a decision is made on whether you need a plan to protect you from harm
  • any plan that is needed to protect you is agreed.

If you would like more information or you need help to attend the case conference, phone the adult protection and review officer on 01307 473762.

If you want someone other than your care manager or social worker to support or represent you at the case conference, phone Angus Independent Advocacy on 01241 434413.

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