Corporate parenting

The Angus Promise

Your Voice

We will listen to you. We will create opportunities and environments for you to talk to us and recognise you as an individual.

Your Family and Relationships

We will support you to stay with your family, if it is safe, as it is the best place for you to live. Where you can’t stay with your family, we promise to support you to keep and develop relationships with the people who are important to you.

Your Rights and Opportunities to Learn

We will understand and respect you and your care experiences and the impact that these may have on your learning. We will ensure you get what you need to thrive in education by identifying and breaking down any barriers to your learning and being included in school and in the community.

Your Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing

We will ensure you have access to a range of different services, so you feel supported to manage your trauma and loss. We will recognise the importance of one key relationship to support you with your wellbeing.

Your Right to Move on to a Bright Future

We will support you, when you are ready, to move on from care. We will behave like good parents by supporting you to be independent whilst also being there for you when you need us.

Keeping our Promise to you!

To keep these promises to you, we need to work together. We will ensure our policies, procedures and importantly our actions are joined up so the Angus ‘scaffolding’ (the people and services) supports your needs.
Where this does not happen well enough or fast enough, we will challenge each other and work together to improve and learn from our mistakes. We will bring everything we do back to what difference does it make for you. We will support the workforce to understand the importance of caring and respecting you making sure we do not make you feel different from your peers by our language or actions.


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