Cover your tracks online

Fast exit button

If an abuser has access to your email account, he or she may be able to read your incoming and outgoing mail. If you believe your account is secure, make sure you choose a password he or she will not be able to guess.

If an abuser sends you threatening or harassing email messages, they may be printed and saved as evidence of this abuse. Additionally, the messages may constitute an offence. For more information on this issue, visit the Police Scotland website, or phone Police Scotland on 101. In an emergency call 999.

History and cache file

If an abuser knows how to read your computer's history or cache file (automatically saved web pages and graphics), he or she may be able to see information you have viewed recently on the internet.

Some new internet browsers have built-in tools that allow you to view internet pages without registering these pages in your history or cache file, this keeps other people who might be using the computer from seeing what sites you have visited on the internet.

To learn more and find out how to make your device safe, please visit the computer hope website.