Air quality and air pollution

Air monitoring sites have been established at various locations throughout Angus to assess air quality.

Annual reports on air quality in Angus are published on

We will investigate complaints regarding air pollution, such as:

  • smoke from bonfires
  • offensive odours
  • stubble burning etc

Rather than burning garden waste in your garden please consider the following methods of waste disposal:

If you decide to have a bonfire only burn dry garden waste, keep it under control and make sure it doesn’t cause a nuisance to neighbours.

If you are bothered by persistent bonfire smoke, in the first instance you should approach your neighbour and explain the problem. If this approach fails you should contact the council using our enquiry form.

Farmers are allowed to burn stubble in their field provided it is controlled and does not become a nuisance to neighbours and dark smoke is not emitted.  To make a complaint about stubble burning call the council using our enquiry form.

It is unlawful to emit dark smoke from any industrial or trade premises unless the burning is part of a process authorised by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. We will investigate any complaints about dark smoke from industrial premises. Contact us using our enquiry form.

It is against the law to burn industrial, commercial or domestic waste unless it is licensed or the subject of an exemption under the relevant legislation. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is responsible for enforcement of this and will investigate any complaints. SEPA also regulates and monitors certain industrial activities that can generate local airborne pollution.