Angus Shoreline Management Plan

A Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) provides a large-scale assessment of the risks associated with erosion and flooding at the coast. It also presents policies to help manage these risks to people and to the developed, historic and natural environment in a sustainable manner. SMPs form an important part of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) strategy for managing risks due to flooding and coastal erosion (Defra, 2006).

The first generation SMP (SMP1) for the Angus coastline, produced by Angus Council, in partnership with HR Wallingford, was completed in 2004 and recommended strategic ‘50 year’ policies. A SMP is, however, a working document and requires updating over time to ensure:

  • any new information and improved understanding of coastal processes is incorporated into shoreline management decisions;
  • any change in coastal use or local-level issues is taken into account;
  • the policies adhere to new environmental legislation, such as Strategic Environmental Assessment,
  • Habitat Regulation Appraisal and Water Framework Directive Assessment;
  • the policies take due account of any change in governance or funding.

The Angus SMP has been reviewed by CH2M (Formally Halcrow Group Ltd) to produce a revised plan (SMP2) that it takes account of the latest available information and our current understanding of flood and coastal erosion risks.

SMP2 was approved as a policy document at Angus Council Communities Committee on 17 January 2017 superseding its predecessor SMP1.

View the SMP2 documents using the links below.

Main report

Title File type and size
SMP2 Main Document (1.16 MB PDF)
SMP2 Policy statements (20.5 MB PDF)


Title File type and size Summary
A: SMP2 Development (2 MB PDF) This reports the history of development of the SMP2, describing more fully the plan and policy decision-making process.
B: Stakeholder Engagement (7.5 MB PDF) All communications from the stakeholder process are provided here, together with information arising from the consultation process.
B1: Angus SMP2 Consultation Report (32 MB PDF)  
C: Baseline Process Understanding (30 MB PDF) Includes baseline process report, defence assessment, NAI and WPM assessments and summarises data used in assessments.
C1: Flood Risk Maps (15.2 MB PDF)  
D: Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report (5 MB PDF) This report identifies and evaluates the baseline environmental features (human, natural, historical and landscape) and presents an overview of the environmental assessment process, showing how the requirements of the EU Council Directive 2001/42/EC (the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive) are met.
D1: SEA Scoping Report (900 KB PDF)  
D2: SEA Environmental Baseline Report (Theme Review) (500 KB PDF)  
D3: Angus SMP SEA Detailed Assessment Matrices (310 KB PDF)  
E: Issues & Objectives Evaluation (600 KB PDF) Provides information on the issues and objectives identified as part of the Plan development, including appraisal of their importance.
F: Policy Development and Appraisal (350 KB PDF) Presents the consideration of generic policy options for each frontage, identifying possible acceptable policies, and their combination into ‘scenarios’ for testing. Also presents the appraisal of impacts upon shoreline evolution and the appraisal of objective achievement.
G: Policy Scenario Testing (2.8 MB PDF) Presents the policy assessment and appraisal of objective achievement towards definition of the Preferred Plan (as presented in the Shoreline Management Plan document).
H: Economic Appraisal and Sensitivity Testing (500 MB PDF) Presents the economic analysis undertaken in support of the Preferred Plan.
I: Habitats Regulations Assessment (1 MB PDF) Presents an assessment of the effect the plan will have on European sites.
I1: HRA Figures (8 MB PDF)  
I2: HRA comments (250 KB PDF)  
J: Water Framework Directive Assessment (3.5 MB PDF) Presents the Water Framework Directive assessment of the potential hydromorphological changes and consequent ecological impact of the preferred SMP2 policies.
K: Metadatabase and Bibliographic database (250 KB PDF) All supporting information used to develop the SMP2 is referenced for future examination and retrieval.