Flooding: advice for residents and businesses

As the owner, you are responsible for protecting your property during a flood.

We are responsible for identifying measures to manage flood risk in Angus.

We will assist residents during flooding incidents where and when we can. We will provide assistance towards those areas and people considered most in need. 

We can advise, and possibly assist, householders on flood measures. Contact us using our enquiry form.

We recommend the following measures to protect your property from flooding. You can get more advice on protecting your property on the Floodline website.

Flood protection products

To protect your property, use purpose-made flood protection products such as:

  • flood guards
  • non-return valves for plumbing
  • air brick covers

Other products, such as barriers, can provide effective long-term protection, are more easily deployed and have greater reliability when fitted correctly. You can find information on the Scottish Flood Forum website.


We'd strongly recommended householders and businesses take out appropriate flood insurance, particularly if you are in a flood risk area.

Flood Re is a government backed flood insurance scheme which gives people living in flood-risk areas access to affordable home insurance. Find out more on the Flood Re website.


Get advice on how to use sandbags at GOV.UK.

Sandbags are available from most builders' supply merchants or DIY centres.

In emergency situations only, depending on resources available and the scale of the flood risk, we will seek to provide sandbags to property owners and deploy sandbags to redirect flows and protect properties at risk.

For more information on how we manage the demand for sandbags, and support flood-specific and general resilience efforts through community flood action groups, self help and emergency plans/response actions, view our Property Level Protection Policy.

Flood warnings

Flood warning information is available from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) website or on their Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

You can also report a flood to SEPA, to help improve knowledge and understanding for future flood risk management. Bear in mind that your report to SEPA will not be used for operational purposes, and you will get no response.

Weather and travel information

We post information about severe weather and its impact on services on our Severe weather page.