River South Esk Catchment Partnership

The River South Esk catchment is the area of land drained by the river and its burns, including its lochs, groundwaters, wetlands, and the unique estuary of Montrose Basin.

This water resource is of immense value to a variety of users from the local community, to businesses, and tourism providers. 

It is a source of drinking water, irrigation for crops, watering for livestock, a valuable habitat for wildlife, and acts as a basis for tourism, recreation and salmon fishing.

Ongoing pressures placed on the area and continual changes in the law which affect activities carried out in the area have reinforced the need to develop a more joined-up approach to the way this water resource is managed.

The River South Esk Catchment Partnership sustainability manage the catchment through the implementation of the River South Esk Catchment Management Plan (9 MB PDF).

The River South Esk Catchment Management Plan Review 2017 highlights the successful delivery of approximately 90% of actions, all contributing to improving the health of the catchment.

More information is also available on the River South Esk website.