Apply and pay for a blue badge

The Blue Badge scheme supports people who cannot easily get around by helping them park closer to their destination. Blue Badges are also known as disabled parking permits.


A new Blue Badge costs £20. A replacement costs £4.60.

There is no charge if you are:

  • 16 or under 
  • under 19 and in full-time non-advanced education

The application process depends on your circumstances. Select an option below to find out how to apply and pay:

Driver or passenger with severe mobility problems

  1. visit and complete the online application form
  2. you will get instructions on what documents to take to an ACCESS office for verification
  3. if you qualify ACCESS office staff will give you a badge number. Use this number to pay for your badge using this form:
    ​​​​Blue Badge Payment
  4. if an assessment is needed, we will write to you with information

Information on who qualifies for a blue badge is also available on the website.

Someone who lacks awareness of danger from traffic

You can apply for a Blue Badge on behalf of someone who:

  • has a diagnosed mental illness, personality disorder or learning disability

  • lacks awareness of danger from traffic

You will need to show that other strategies to control the risk do not work.

For full details of the criteria, and to apply,  download and complete the application form.

If your application is not successful

If you do not agree with the reason for your application being refused, you can request a review of the decision.

Write to this address within 28 days of the date of refusal:

Blue Badge Team
Angus House

Your letter must include the reasons why you believe the decision is incorrect and why you feel your individual circumstances meet the Blue Badge eligibility criteria.

Replace a lost or stolen blue badge

If your blue badge is lost or stolen:

  1. contact the police
  2. they will give you a Lost Property Reference Number if it's lost, or a Crime Reference Number if it's stolen
  3. use this number to complete our report a lost or stolen Blue Badge form
  4. take the completed form to an ACCESS office
  5. ACCESS office staff will give you a new badge number. Use it to complete this form:

  Blue Badge Payment