Apply for concessionary travel

Older people, young people and people with disabilities can apply for concessionary travel.

The concessionary travel scheme offers older people and people with disabilities free bus travel throughout Scotland. The scheme is open to:

  • anyone aged 60 or over who is permanently resident in Scotland (you can apply two weeks before your 60th birthday)
  • anyone with a disability permanently resident in Scotland and meets certain criteria outlined on Transport Scotland's website.

Your companion may be entitled to travel for free if you meet certain criteria outlined on Transport Scotland's website.

Visit your local ACCESS office with the appropriate documentation. Find out what you need on the Transport Scotland website. In Angus you do not need to provide a photograph as we will take your photograph for your card.

You should receive your NEC card / bus pass within five working days.

The Scotland-wide Concessionary Travel Scheme for Young People allows all 16 - 18-year-olds or full time volunteers under the age of 26 a third off travel on buses and trains.

You should get your card through your secondary school in the first year. If you don’t have one, application forms are available from ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.

    Please take your completed application form to your local ACCESS office together with the appropriate documentation form and a passport sized photograph. You should then receive your card within five working days.

    You must contact us if you change address. Please take proof of your new address to your local ACCESS office. We will accept the following:

    • bank, building society statement
    • photo driving licence
    • court order
    • local council rent card or tenancy agreement
    • Council Tax bill
    • recent original mortgage statement
    • recent utility bill
    • benefit book/card/original notification
    • confirmation from an electoral search
    • TV Licence
    • letter from educational establishment

    All the above must be current or issued within the last three months.

    To renew or replace your card contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.