Supporting Ukraine: guidance for hosts


Sponsorship Schemes

The UK and Scottish Government have developed schemes to support the support to people who are fleeing the war in Ukraine. These schemes are to some extent, still developing and the full details are not yet known, However below are brief details on the situation at present:

Sponsorship schemes

There are three current schemes for people coming into the UK/Scotland:

1. Family sponsorship visa (UK)

  • This allows families to sponsor family members to arrive in the country and can apply for a visa.
  • Families are responsible for meeting all needs and support, with access to services.
  • Families will not receive the £350.00 payment which is associated with other schemes and no additional funding will be provided to Local Authorities.
  • Some people from Ukraine are already in Angus through this scheme.

2. Community sponsorship visa (UK)

  • This is run through the UK Government.
  • Households wishing to offer support must complete an online application.
  • Households offering accommodation and support through this scheme will be entitled to £350 per month.
  • A matching programme will take place to support people from Ukraine to be accommodated.
  • People wanting to be a sponsor who do not know anyone personally fleeing Ukraine can register their interest on Homes for Ukraine – UK Govt website and they will then be kept updated as the scheme develops.
  • As charities, faith groups, universities, businesses, and industry representative bodies have extensive networks with communities and individuals across Europe, the UK Government will be working closely with all of them to ensure people who want to help are matched to people from Ukraine – such as through a charity or social media. The UK Government will provide further detail on the support they are able to provide shortly.

3. Scottish Super Sponsorship Scheme (Scottish Government)

  • This is managed through the Scottish Government.
  • This is an addition to the UK Community sponsorship scheme. Instead of a community group, member or organisation sponsoring the individual / household, the Scottish Government can be selected as a sponsor when a person from Ukraine completes their Visa application.
  • The Scottish Government is offering to sponsor up to 3,000 people from Ukraine to come to Scotland.
  • Local Authorities will arrange housing for individuals / households from council housing, housing association properties and private landlord housing stock.
  • Offers of accommodation made must be standalone accommodation as opposed to a ‘room’ only offer within homes, however this still has to be clarified by the Scottish Government.

How is the Community Sponsorship scheme going to be delivered?

There is a short form on Homes for Ukraine. If you want to become a Sponsor, you need to record your interest by completing this form.

If you already have a named contact whom you wish to sponsor you should get in touch with them directly and prepare to fill in a visa application with all of their details and yours. The visa application route opened on 18 March for those with named contacts.

If you don’t currently know anyone whom you wish to sponsor, you may wish to get in touch with charities, faith groups or local community organisations who are starting to make connections between individuals.

I’m part of an organisation what role can I play?

You can record your interest by completing the form on the Homes for Ukraine website.

In future the UK Government will work to help organisations to allow them to sponsor individuals directly, but they are starting with named individual contacts.

What do I do if I want to sponsor but don’t know someone?

There are several ways you can help support and sponsor a household from Ukraine if you do not already know anyone in need.

Several charities and non-government organisations are working to offer services to match potential sponsors and household from Ukraine households seeking to come to the UK – a search of the internet can provide details of these organisations.

I don’t know the person I’m sponsoring – we met on Facebook – should I give them my passport details?

Whether to share your personal information is always your decision. But if you have concerns about sharing personal details, you may prefer to fill out the visa application form on behalf of the individuals you are sponsoring. To do this, you will need to ask them for their information.

How is the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsorship scheme going to be delivered?

This is an addition to the UK Community sponsorship scheme as outlined above.

Instead of a community group, member or organisation sponsoring the individual / household, the Scottish Government can be selected as a sponsor when a person from Ukraine completes their Visa application.

This option is open to all Ukrainian nationals who were residents in Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022 and how don’t have a sponsor to come to the UK and / or Scotland.

An organisation known as a Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) will undertake the matching process between those that have ticked this option and offers of accommodation made by Scottish local authorities. 

More information on becoming a host under the Super Sponsorship scheme is available on the Scottish Government website.

How many people from Ukraine are expected to be helped under the sponsorship scheme route?

There will be no limit or cap on the sponsorship route. The UK will welcome as many people from Ukraine as wish to come and for whom there are sponsors. This is a huge humanitarian crisis, and we are urging the British public to come forward and help where they can.

Which people from Ukraine are eligible to come on this scheme?

The scheme is open to Ukrainian nationals who were residents in Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022. They can apply from Ukraine or from any other third country.

It is also open to their immediate family members and family members of such Ukrainian nationals: a spouse, a civil partner, an unmarried partner (must have lived together in a relationship for two years), children under-18, parent if you are under-18, fiancé(e) or a proposed civil partner. These individuals may be of other nationalities).

How can I be confirmed as a sponsor?

To be confirmed as a sponsor you must be based in the UK; with at least 6 months permission to be in the UK.

You can be of any nationality.

You will need to prove your identity using a recognised identity document for ID check such as a passport or driving license.

You must also have a spare room, or separate self-contained residential accommodation that is unoccupied.

The accommodation must be available for at least six months, be fit for people to live in, and suitable for the number of people to be accommodated.

Will I be able to state any preference on who I accommodate?

The UK Government are encouraging sponsors to identify people as part of the process so that you can have some control on who you accommodate.  However, if you are matched with an individual or household, you should be clear in the information you have provided on what you can and are willing to offer.

You should consider what sort of support you are best able to provide and who you are most comfortable to support. For example, you should consider whether your accommodation is suitable for someone with a young child, the elderly or someone with a disability.

You may want to consider if you are able to accommodate someone with pets.

You should also consider the practicalities of having a stranger in your home and the possible impact on your family and personal life.