Supporting Ukraine: guidance for hosts


Mortgages and insurance

In some cases, you’ll need to check with your landlord or mortgage provider, and insurance company, about whether they’ve got any policies which you need to factor in.

It’s important you think through any possible implications for your tenancy, mortgage, lease and insurance before your guest arrives in the UK.

Insurers have agreed that for homeowners accommodating Ukrainian Nationals in their home there is no need to contact your insurer on the basis that they are accommodated as non-paying guests.

Please refer to the Association of British Insurers’ statement for more details. In other situations, including where the sponsor is a landlord or a tenant, you will need to contact your insurer.

Lenders have committed to enable as many borrowers as possible to participate in the scheme. If you have a mortgage on the property you will need to contact your mortgage lender. The UK Government are working with the mortgage lender sector to standardise and simplify this process as far as possible.

If you are considering applying to be a sponsor you should refer to your mortgage lender and insurer websites where further advice will be available as soon as possible.