Christmas trees and decorations

Christmas trees (real)

Take your tree to a recycling centre, or cut it up and place it inside your green garden waste bin (lid down) if you have one.

We cannot accept whole/part trees left beside any bin, as part of our ‘no side waste' policy.

Christmas trees (artificial)

Artificial trees can be disposed of as nonrecyclable (general) waste at Arbroath, Montrose or Forfar recycling centres. Or put them in your purple bin.

Wrapping paper

No glittery paper or ribbons in your grey bin please. Metallic paper is fine as long as it's not plastic. To check, do the scrunch test - if the wrapping springs back when scrunched up then it's plastic and should go in your purple bin.


Unwanted decorations in good condition can be taken to a charity shop or reuse organisation.

Where baubles and tinsel are beyond use put them in your purple general waste bin. Take Christmas lights to a recycling centre and leave them in the small electricals container.