Apply for a discretionary housing payment

If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and are struggling to pay your rent, our Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) scheme can provide temporary assistance.

A Discretionary Housing Payment can help cover a shortfall in rent, giving you an opportunity to organise your finances or find more affordable accommodation.

A Discretionary Housing Payment can only be awarded where a person receives Housing Benefit or Universal Credit that includes a housing element towards rental liability.

However, if you receive full Housing Benefit you cannot receive a DHP unless:

  • you are applying for a period when you were receiving only partial Housing Benefit
  • you need help to pay a deposit or rent in advance on a new home

We will look at your circumstances to see whether you are eligible for a DHP, how much you will be paid and for how long you will receive the payment.

Apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment

Payments will be made along with your Housing Benefit payment. If your Housing Benefit is paid direct to your landlord, your DHP will also be paid direct to your landlord.

If you receive Universal Credit, payment will be made at the same frequency as your Universal Credit payments.

Where the DHP request is for rent in advance or a deposit, the award will normally be paid direct to the landlord.

If you have applied for a Discretionary Housing payment and you disagree with our decision you can request a review of that decision. This should be done in writing to the Revenues and Benefits Service, Angus Council, PO Box 6621, Bruce House, Wellgate, Arbroath DD11 9AX, within one month of receiving the decision.