Bin collection days

Check your bin collection days and download a calendar for your property

Find your bin collection day

If your waste has not been collected you can report a missed bin

Where and when to put bins out

  • put your bin out for collection by 7am
  • try to leave it where it won't obstruct people with visual impairments
  • check the bin's handles are facing the road - it's easier for the collection crew
  • take your bin back in as soon as possible once it's been emptied
  • mark your bin with your house number
  • garden waste is not uplifted in December and January.

Winter weather information

Where collections are missed due to snow and/or ice, we will endeavour to return within our service standards:

  • two working days for towns
  • three working days for rural areas

When collections are cancelled due to snow and/or ice, bins or caddies should be removed from the pavement and presented on the next scheduled collection day.

For households with extra waste the following will apply:

  • general waste – a reasonable amount of bags will be accepted on next collection (securely tied and put next to bin)
  • mixed recycling – a reasonable amount of bags will be accepted alongside the next scheduled general waste collection (we cannot accept bags with recycling).
  • food – no side waste will be taken, we will return on next scheduled collection
  • compost – return on next scheduled day – no side waste accepted.

In the event of severe weather, householders can visit the weather watch page, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more information about disrupted collections. 

We will revert to our strict 'no side waste' policy following any extreme weather event.