Report a missed bin

Don't report a missed bin if:

  1. It's before 4.30pm on collection day
  2. It's more than two working days since the bin was missed
  3. It's a green garden waste bin without a valid sticker. To get a sticker register for the garden waste service
  4. Your bin is on this list:

Bins we know we've missed

We are not aware of any missed bins today. If your bin has been missed report it using the button below.

Before you report a missed bin check:

  1. Your bin calendar 
  2. Your bin was out for collection by 7am. We can review footage from bin lorry cameras to confirm this.
  3. We didn't leave a contamination tag on your bin asking you to remove something.

report missed household bin

When we'll return

    We aim to return for missed bins within two working days in towns, and three working days in rural areas.

    In circumstances beyond our control, such as severe weather, we'll collect as soon as possible. This may be the next scheduled collection.

    Forgot to put your bin out?

    If you forgot to put your bin out you will have to wait until the next collection date for it to be emptied. Or take your waste to a recycling centre.