Household waste disposal in van, trailer, commercial style vehicles

You need a permit if you are bringing any type of household waste (recyclable or non-recyclable) to a recycling centre in a van, trailer or commercial style vehicle. For more information view the vehicles that need a permit page.

This is to ensure that commercial waste is paid for and not illegally deposited as household waste.

Cars, unless liveried, do not need a permit.

Permits are free and will be emailed to you for printing.

Permits are available to Angus Council residents only.

Apply for a permit

The permit is based on vehicle registration and you can only have one permit per vehicle.

You must bring your permit with you every time you visit a recycling centre. Without it you can't dispose of your waste.

Your permit acts as a declaration that you are depositing household waste only. You must present the permit to staff at the recycling centre, who will sign it to record the number of visits you make.

Permit duration

The permit will be valid for 12 months from the date of registration, or after 12 visits, whichever comes first.

You will be able to renew your permit online just before it expires - we will send you a reminder email.

Additional visits may be permitted in exceptional circumstances - email We will review your request and accept it if we are satisfied that no commercial waste is being deposited.

If you are applying for a permit for a vehicle that has already been registered in the last 12 months, we will investigate your application to ensure that extra visits are not being asked for to deposit commercial waste.

If you need help

Someone else can sign up on your behalf if you do not have an email address to receive your permit. They can input your contact details and your vehicle registration, however they would need to input their email address and print your permit for you.

If you have no way of accessing a printed permit please contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.

Any vehicle that is usually associated with commercial use will require a permit, for example, any vehicle with a flat back or without side rear windows. Vehicles that need to register include:


small van
transit van

Trailers (any size)

Trailers should be registered to the vehicle towing it.


Pick Ups

Pick up

Liveried Cars

Liveried car

Vehicles that don’t need a permit

Any vehicle that is designed for normal domestic use does not need a permit, for example:

Cars and estate cars

estate car


4x4 vehicle

Hired vans

Hired vans do not require a permit as they will only be in temporary use. If you hire a van you must produce your hire agreement to site staff on entry to the recycling centre. We will monitor your hire dates and the use of any hire vehicles.

Commercially used vehicles

If you are using your employer’s vehicle and it has already been registered for a permit, you will need to use that permit.

If it does not have a permit you will need to register for one and provide your employer’s details - we may contact them to confirm they have consented to your personal use of their vehicle.

If you are self-employed we will also require your Waste Carrier Number or your Professional Collector and Transporter of Waste Number to ensure you are disposing of your commercial waste properly.

If you pay someone to take away your rubbish, it becomes commercial waste and the responsibility of whoever you pass it to.

The trader will need to ensure they buy a prepaid commercial waste ticket to dispose of waste at any of our recycling centres.

You are responsible for ensuring you only give your waste to a registered waste carrier and should receive paperwork on how it was disposed of.

Any waste that comes from a commercial or business activity is commercial waste.

If you use part of your home to run a business, then any waste produced from this activity (no matter how small the volume) is commercial waste.

Any tradesperson who carries out work in your home, such as a gardener or builder, and takes the resultant waste away, needs to dispose of it properly as this is commercial waste.

You have a duty to make sure you pass your waste to a responsible person who will dispose of it properly.  You should check where the business intends to dispose of your waste.

Leaving waste anywhere without permission is flytipping. 

This includes leaving waste inside or outside a recycling centre without the appropriate permit or prepaid commercial ticket. 

Flytipping is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 33 and is subject to a £200 fixed penalty notice (FPN). CCTV and body worn cameras are in use at our recycling centres and we will issue FPNs where appropriate.