The Angus Community Planning Partnership


About the partnership

Community planning is about how public bodies work together and with local communities to design and deliver better services that make a real difference to local people’s lives. Community planning is a key driver of public service reform at local level.  It provides a focus for partnership working driven by strong shared leadership, directed towards distinctive local circumstances.  Partners work together to improve local services, ensuring that they meet the needs of local people, especially for those people who need those services most.

diagram showing partnership links

In order to ensure community planning in Angus is 'fit for purpose' the structure and membership of the partnership have been revised. 

The partnership through consultation with communities have developed 3 priorities:

  • reducing child poverty
  • improving mental health and wellbeing
  • improving accessibility and connectivity

Communities lie at the heart of community planning: they can and do achieve things for themselves, and we need to build on this and increase the level of influence and control that local people have over the decisions and services that have an impact on their lives. Working together makes it easier to improve outcomes and tackle the inequalities that some people experience.

What are we already doing as partners?

We are not starting with a blank sheet of paper. We already have a number of partnership plans and strategies at a Tayside, Angus and local level which are helping to achieve our vision for the future. In addition, all the partners who are involved in the community planning partnership will have their own plans and strategies which have a positive contribution to make to our local outcomes. We need to ensure there are strong links between partners - agencies, the private and voluntary sectors and communities - so that we understand each other’s priorities and commitments in order to work together more effectively.

diagram showing community planning links

Angus Community Planning Partnership includes the following: